Membership fees

What does it cost to be a member of Architects in Sweden? These fees apply from 1 Mars 2024.

Fees for professional members

Full payment: SEK 393 per month.
Connected to FöretagarService (business service) for self-employed architects and owners of architecture firms: SEK 197 per month. Become a member.

Fee for student members

SEK 25 per month. Become a student member.

Fee after graduation

SEK 197 per month (valid for 2 year after the date of graduation, your Master’s degree).

Fee for overseas members

SEK 177 per month. Apply for overseas membership

Fees for senior members

Senior member, working: SEK 236 per month
Senior member, over 65 and not working: SEK 118 per month
Senior member, 75 years or older: SEK 86 per month

Senior architects who have retired from professional activity are eligible for a reduced membership fee. To be eligible, please contact our membership administrative office.

Fees for passive members

SEK 118 per month. Apply for passive membership

Reduced fee

The reduced fee for 2024 is 262 kronor per month for those who have an income below 27,200 kronor per month. For those who have an income below 13,600 kronor per month, the reduced fee is 131 kronor per month. The reduction levels are based on Sveriges Arkitekters recommended starting salaries.

The reduced fee for 2024 is based on annual expected income. All income counts, including, for example, social security, sick and parental leave benefits. If you are connected to Företagarservice, you are not eligible for a reduced fee. Apply for a reduced fee

Local association fee

Active members (registered in Sweden) belong to a local association and therefore also pay a local association fee. Students belong to a student department that does not charge fees.

The local association tax is determined by the individual local associations and finances locally run activities. More information about the local associations

Pay by direct debit ”autogiro”

The easiest way to pay your fee is via direct debit (”autogiro” in Swedish). You can also receive your bill via e-invoice (”e-faktura”). Paying via direct debit or e-invoice avoids the supplementary invoicing fee of SEK 25 which is added to invoices sent via regular post or digital mail app Kivra.

You can register for direct debit via the link below. E-invoices are set up via your internet bank.

Register for direct debit