Membership benefits

Do as 90 percent of Sweden’s architects do – become a member of Architects Sweden. Membership lasts through your entire career and gives you many benefits.

Architects Sweden is the national association for all architects, interior architects, landscape architects and spatial planners. We offer membership for students up to retirement, which carries a variety of benefits.

Our benefits

Support on the job: Our legal advisors provide professional advice and negotiating assistance on issues relating to your employment, as with salary, time off, or tenders. They can also represent you in labour negotiations and disputes in court.

Income protection insurance: The income protection insurance at Architects Sweden allow you to maintain at 80 percent of your previous income while you are unemployed. These benefits pay up to SEK 100,000 monthly for a period of up to 120 days. To be able to be part of the income protection insurance you must also be a member of Akademikernas a-kassa (Academics unemployment insurance fund).

Salary and statistics

Saco (Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations) salary search, and the Architects Sweden salary statistics together provide comprehensive and up-to-date information to rely on in salary negotiations.

Knowledge about the industry

We annually provide a report summarizing and analysing the state of the architectural industry. As a member company, you can access all our industry related material.

Business consulting

We provide business legal advice, and support in negotiations regarding all issues other than employer consulting, and tax issues. We also act as agent in court.

Development and training

As member, you can access all our development and training courses. This includes our basic offering of Steps 1, 2, and 3. We also offer short courses on current topics, managers’ network, and a mentorship programme.

The Arkitekten magazine

You get our members’ publication Arkitekten sent to you 11 times a year.

Professional titles

Only as a member of Architects Sweden can you hold any of the professional titles SAR/MSA, LAR/MSA, SIR/MSA and FPR/MSA used in Sweden, which is an important membership benefit.

Local activities

As member you automatically become member to one of our local organisations. This gives you a network and possibilities to raise architectural and professional questions with colleagues and the association on the local level.

Other benefits

Architects Sweden has partnered with various other organisations to ensure you can access additional benefits, such as discounts on housing or membership loans.

Our partnership with Danske Bank allows members exclusive benefits that can shore up your daily finances. You can be provided with a personal advisor, everyday services free of charge for one year and housing loans at competitive interest rates.

Retirement savings through personal advisors and favourably priced group insurance plans specialised for you as an architect from AI Pension

Discounted insurance offerings from Folksam.

Discounts on member loans and housing loans from SEB. The housing loan offering from SEB for Saco association members has been improved as of November 2016 where you receive an interest discount of 0.5 percentage points, better than the previous 0.35 percentage points.

Discounted loans from Swedbank.