How to become a member

You can become a member of Architects Sweden if you have a national or international university degree in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture or spatial planning.

The programmes that Architects Sweden approves within the EU are:

  • Architectural education listed in the EU Qualifications Directive
  • Landscape architect educations listed by IFLA Europe
  • Interior architect educations listed by ECIA

For educations outside the EU, the association bases its assessment on a statement from the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR). While you are waiting for a statement from UHR, you can get a temporary membership.
Your membership enables us to:

Personal benefits

  • Protect your professional integrity by attaining better wages and benefits such as vacation, health care and retirement.
  • Assist you with legal advice and representation in matters of employment and possible conflicts with employers.
  • Provide you with one of our professional titles, for greater possibilities to advance your career.
  • Keep you updated with the latest industry developments and news.
  • Support you as a self-employed architect.
  • Raise your qualifications and skills through programmes and courses tailored for architects.

Architectural practice

  • Promote Swedish architecture and architects based in Sweden on international arenas
  • Promote and foster local architecture and architects
  • Engage in political lobbying
  • Award innovative and high-quality Swedish architecture
  • Inspire with lectures by top architects from all over the world
  • Strive for a more sustainable practice and industry
  • Counteract discrimination and promote multicultural businesses
  • Arrange events that build networks between architects
  • Advise in architecture competitions.

A membership is beneficial to you, your colleagues and the architectural practice in Sweden as a whole. Being a member of Architects Sweden also gives you better terms on bank loans, discounts on insurance, and a discount on train journeys with SJ.

Membership application (in swedish)