How to become a member of Architects Sweden

You may apply to become a member of our Association whenever you wish, we only require a copy of your degree certificate to be sent together with your application.

For assessment of your qualification, please contact Swedish National Agency for Higher Education.

Strictly speaking, we only give advice to our members in questions of e.g. employment and salaries but of course we will provide limited advice before a job interview even if you are not yet a member. However, once you have an employment we recommend you to become a member immediately.

To become a member of Sveriges Arkitekter (Architects Sweden), you need to have a university degree in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture or spatial planning.

The title “architect” is not protected in Sweden; however the Association has their own recognized titles that you may apply for. To obtain the title, you need to have a Bachelor as well as a Master Degree in Architecture and two years of working experience from an EU country.

To obtain a professional title, you must have a degree from a complete architecture study programme (both BA and MA or a professional diploma or the equivalent) and also, after graduating, have acquired, within the EU, at last two years’ professional experience. If you have no such degree but can show that you have acquired the corresponding competence through a combination of other academic education and professional activity, you can be granted a professional title by special examination.