Temporary Membership

A need has arisen to grant temporary membership to architects whose qualifications are being reviewed by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

There are an increasing number of architects who wish to become members but before we can grant them membership their qualifications need to be evaluated by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. The evaluation can take up to a year. During this time architects may require help from Architects Sweden with, for example, employment contracts and salary negotiations. We would also like to give them access to our courses and other information.

Architects Sweden has therefore arranged a temporary one-year membership for architects who have submitted documentation for evaluation by the Swedish Council for Higher Education and are waiting for a decision.

  1. The requirement for temporary membership is the filing of a full membership application and that Architects Sweden has assessed it reasonable to assume that the Swedish Council for Higher Education will make a positive evaluation, as the applicant has, for example, completed a five-year study programme at university level with a major in architecture.
    Please find the application form here
  2. Membership is limited to 12 months.
  3. During the temporary membership the member is entitled to the same rights and obligations as full members.
  4. The member may use the membership title but not the professional title.
  5. The member is not entitled to income insurance during the period of temporary membership; however, this period may be taken into account in order to fulfil the requirement of 1 year’s membership in the association when the temporary membership becomes an active membership.
  6. If, after 12 months, the member is unable to obtain a positive evaluation from the Swedish Council for Higher Education membership will be terminated.