Membership titles

Membership in Architects Sweden guarantees the appropriate skills and qualifications since the formal title ‘architect’ is not protected in Sweden. Only members have the right to use our professional titles.

To obtain a professional title, you must have a degree from a complete architecture study programme (both BA and MA, a professional diploma or the equivalent) and, after graduating, have acquired at last two years’ professional experience within the EU. If you have no such degree but can show that you have acquired the corresponding competence
through a combination of other academic education and professional practice, you can be granted a professional title by special assessment.

Our professional titles:

  • Arkitekt SAR/MSA – Architect
  • Landskapsarkitekt LAR/MSA – Landscape architect
  • Planeringsarkitekt FPR/MSA – Planning architect
  • Arkitekt SIR/MSA – Interior architect

MSA – A membership title that active members that have not yet fulfilled all criteria for a professional title may use in combination with arkitekt, landskapsarkitekt, planeringsarkitekt or inredningsarkitekt.