Information for foreign architects looking for work opportunities in Sweden - Sveriges Arkitekter

Working in Sweden

We recommend that focus on the job search should be Stockholm, Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Malmö, the three main cities in Sweden. The architect offices there are more likely not to require Swedish as a working language. Generally speaking, the level of English is high in Sweden so we would not deem it impossible to work in English. For further information on the formal conditions for working in Sweden, both for EU and non EU nationals, please visit the Swedish Migration Board.

The market for architects has slowed down in 2018-2019 and unemployment has increased to 1.7 percent, which still is a low figure. Going from a general shortage of architects in Sweden, the industry is now in a state of equilibrium. There is no requirement to be member in the association to apply for architect jobs in Sweden, or to work as an architect here.

Architects Sweden

You may apply to become a member of our Association whenever you wish, we only require a copy of your degree certificate to be sent together with your application which can be found here. For assessment of your qualification, please contact Swedish National Agency for Higher Education. Strictly speaking, we only give advice to our members in questions of e.g. employment and salaries but of course we will provide limited advice before a job interview even if you are not yet a member. However, once you have an employment we recommend you to become a member immediately. The title “architect” is not protected in Sweden; however the Association has their own recognized titles that you may apply for. To obtain the title, you need to have a Bachelor as well as a Master Degree in Architecture and two years of working experience from an EU country.

Applying for jobs

In our experience applications by email, which are followed up by a phone call are the most common way of applying for a job in Sweden. It is unusual to visit an employer without an appointment, but we know of a few foreign architects who have done so when visiting here. The outcome of these visits is unknown, but we do think it’s an initiative that most employers would appreciate. The actual CV should be very short perhaps no more than a page or two. What is more interesting is how you present yourself, and your portfolio. Rather than sending all your projects, pick a few and give a detailed description of them, how you worked with them, the process and your thoughts. The employer is interested in you, and how you work.

Websites with job ads are e.g. The European jobs network and The Swedish Public Employment Service but we also recommend our own website with job ads. Please note that the ads may be in Swedish only. You can also contact architect offices directly, please use our own search engine ”Anlita arkitekt”.


There are no fixed salaries for architects in Sweden; however we have our own salary statistics based on what our members report to us. If You have applied  to become member of the association, you are welcome to contact us for advice once you have an offer of employment to discuss all conditions of the suggested contract, including salaries.

The Association publishes yearly recommended entry level salaries as well as trainee salaries. For 2018 the entry level salaries were set to 31,600 SEK. Trainee salaries are set to 21,900 SEK (after 3 years of studies) or 19,600 SEK (up to three years of studies) respectively.