Villa Mz, Egio, Grekland

project: Villa Mz
location: Egio, Greece
type: Family House
team: Mikael Sonnsjö
client: Private
photo: Mikael Olsson

Villa Mz-Egio, Greece-2009

A single family house on a hill terrace overviewing the Corinthian Gulf. Across the waters ancient Delphi and snow covered mount Parnassos. Situated in an old olive grove, the house seeks to balance an openness towards the garden and the view with the need for shelter from the Mediterranean sun. Stairs and openings with slide doors connect inside and outside as well as the different levels of the house and facilitates fluid movements between the spaces. The entrance floor includes spaces for kitchen, dining and main living areas, the ground floor house guest rooms and secondary spaces and the top floor family bedrooms and bathrooms. An open roof terrace connects the front and the back of the house and allows privacy between master bedrooms and children’s quarters.

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