Swedish practice – an introduction to working as an architect in Sweden - Sveriges Arkitekter

Course language: English

Time: 3 days including a web test of terminology over 1–2 months
Architects Sweden offer an intensive course about Swedish practice in English. The course is offered to help with Swedish architecture culture, regulations, work life and business standards to their employees. We help employees that are not yet fluent in Swedish to understand the system and the basic responsibilities of an architect in Sweden. This makes it easier for them to work in an efficient way and learn the relevant vocabulary.

The course is a short version of our popular Step 1 program, but it has a stronger focus on introducing the basic Swedish concepts and explaining them in English. The general experiences from Step 1 is that it is helpful to professional architects to have accurate and up to date knowledge about laws and regulations and how requirements on procedures and qualities are negotiated. The program and the course are both based on a multi-stakeholder perspective. A group discount is offered to companies that enroll a minimum of 5 participants.


Theme: The culture
Lecturers: Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux, beeSwedish. Additional lecturers to be announced.


Theme: Regulations and procedures
Lecturers: Daniel Andersson, planner. Additional lecturers to be announced.


Theme: General agreements and business practice
Lecturers: Ulrika Nyh. Additional lecturers to be announced.

Group dinner included in course fee.

Information about time, program and additional lecturers will be announced shortly.