Oyster 2019 - Sveriges Arkitekter

This years Oyster seminar will explore the theme of Urban Poetry. To describe something as ’poetry’ is to acknowledge its beauty, timelessness, and ability to stir our emotions. Despite being engineered pragmatically and economically, at their best our Cities seem to find surprising ways to radiate these qualities. We all know it when we feel it – Urban Poetry.

In the 21st century, urban life has become the norm. As cities have been expanding at an ever-increasing exponential rate, so too has our way of life. We are a far cry from the savanna, but our physical- and mental biology remain the same. Faster, more efficient ways of communication have created new spheres of social interactions, public life has expanded from the physical realm to the ethereal realm of global communication networks. Across the globe, urban development schemes are being realized and proposed at a faster and more extensive rate than ever before. The city has become an efficient engine of economic development and a new frontier for climatological and ecological intervention – but what about its ability to improve the quality of life of its residents?

As the rate of urban change and pace of everyday life creates living conditions further and further from our primordial homestead, a discussion is needed on where we are headed and how we, as designers, planners and visionaries of the built realm can adapt in order to promote these qualities. How can we use Urban Poetry to engage with the current condition of urban well-being, and utilize the potential of conventional and unconventional use of urban planning, design and landscape architecture to improve the health and quality of life of the urban populous? Slow and fast, advanced and primitive, poetic and pragmatic. Do we dare to examine how the poetic aspects of urbanity affect our lives and give it a place in our everyday practice?

‘’A Poem with no descriptions of nature. All Urban Poetry has true life experiences through people. Urban Poetry evokes thought through the human experience, without transcendence at the moment of the experience.´´*
* by Artemis J Jones May 31, 2014

Agis Tsouros Stockholm 29 November 2019 final



9.45 INTRODUCTION BY MODERATOR Pernilla GlaserResearch Institute of Sweden (RISE) [SE]

10.00 Cornelia Konrads [GE]

11.00 Dr. Agis D. TsourosGlobal Healthy Cities,
Former director at WHO Healthy Cities [EU/UK/GD]

12.00 LUNCH

13.00 IFLA 2021

13.20 Eric FrijtersFABRICations [NL]

14.20 Bas SmetsBureau Bas Smets [BE]

15.20 COFFEE

15.45 Catherine MosbachMosbach Paysagistes [FR]





Oyster är en grupp landskapsarkitekter och stadsplanerare inom Sveriges Arkitekter, som vartannat år håller ett seminarium om landskapsarkitektur och stadsplanering. Oysterseminariet är det enda i Sverige som inom ett visst tema behandlar landskapsarkitekturen och stadsplaneringen i ett internationellt sammanhang.