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All inclusive is a vision of open access and equality. In a world where alienation, segregation and antagonism seem to accelerate, the city embodies and exposes theses values but the city can also generate new values and ideals in our society.

How can we design inclusive spaces for all people within our cities?

All inclusive is an illusion of instant fulfillment.
The westernized culture of consumerism is greatly affecting our urban environments across the globe, making sure everything is accessible everywhere. As a consequence, cultural diversity and the site specific is threatened and the gap between those who have access to the consumer’s lifestyle and those who don’t is constantly growing.

How can landscape architects work to include the personal and local in a globalized world?

All inclusive is a holistic approach, in time as well as in space. A future challenge is to create urban environments that give room for change and uncertainty as well as stability, spaces that cater for the needs and desires of future citizens as well as the present. Traditionally long term or large scale visions have been carried out with a top down perspective in lack of a democratic process.

How can we include present citizens as well as give room for the uncertain in planning for the future?

When? Friday September 18th 2015
Where? Hangaren, Albyvägen 38 Alby, Botkyrka, Stockholm, Sweden
Why? It’s all-inclusive

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Alla Sveriges arkitektstudenter inbjöds att delta i idétävlingen Erase or Embrace, som utlystes i samband med landskapsarkitekturseminariet Oyster 2015. Tävlingen grundar sig på Oysters tema All Inclusive som vill belysa medborgarinflytande, gränsöverskridande samarbeten och inkluderande arkitektur i den offentliga miljön. Nu är tävlingen och avgjord och här kan du se vinnarförslagen! Uppgiften var att i…