Oyster 2017 - Sveriges ArkitekterSveriges Arkitekter
Sveriges Arkitekter

When? 29th of September, the day starts at 09:00 with a registration
Where? Nobelberget, Sickla industriväg 6, 113 54 Nacka, Stockholm
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This year the Oyster seminar explores the relationship between Nature and Humanity. Philosophically, anthropologically, and practically. Human impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems is so significant that the current geologic epoch will be named after us; the Anthropocene. Our actions and their consequences leave many questions to be answered:
Is ‘Nature’ really ‘Nature’ if it is man-made?
What is Nature in an urban society?
How does the lack of Nature and space affect our behaviour?
If Nature is erased from our habitat, what are the consequences for our humanity?
What is Nature for someone who has never been outside of the city?
Is the idea of Nature – the wilderness – just an image that we use to romanticise our projects?
Or is there actual gain to be made, that must be made, by integrating natural systems into our work?

Taking part in the seminar are:

Gena Wirth
SCAPE Studio (US)
Gena Wirth is the Design Principal at SCAPE, a New York based landscape architecture and urban design studio. Wirth draws from an interdisciplinary training to create ecologically rich and culturally relevant landscapes. She has been working on a number of projects concerning how to revitalize urban water areas, such as ‘Oyster-tecture’; an idea proposal for an active oyster reef in the New York Harbor, ‘SIRR’; studying strategies for coastal protection in preparation for the next Superstorm and SCAPE’s winning Rebuild by Design proposal ‘Living Breakwaters’; a climate change resiliency strategy for the South Shore of Staten Island. Read more about Gena Wirth

Linnaea Tillet
Tillett Lighting Design (US)
Linnaea Tillett, PhD, is principal of Tillett Lighting Design Inc., which she founded in 1983. A lighting designer, environmental psychologist, and public artist, she has extensive experience in architecture, interiors, light art, fine art and landscapes. Her innovative approach incorporates a thorough understanding of the perceptual, behavioral and psychological effects of light. The firm has built a reputation for crafting highly nuanced lighting programs, combining artistry, technical innovation and functionality. In shaping the ambiance of a place, they look to impact not only the visual experience, but, as importantly, the felt experience.Read more about Linnaea Tillet

Günther Vogt
Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten (CH)
Günther Vogt is a landscape architect with a passion for and deep knowledge of plants and literature. Schooled in both gardening and landscape architecture, his work is often exploring and challenging what nature and landscape can be in the modern urban environment. He founded Vogt Landscape in 2000. Today he develops national and international projects with some forty employees in his offices in Zurich, London, and Berlin. The monograph ‘Miniature & Panorama’ and the rewarded publication ‘Distance & Engagement’ show VOGT‘s analytical and model based design. In 2010 he opened Case Studio VOGT; a platform for research and exhibitions. Vogt is Professor for Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich. Read more about Günther Vogt

Amica Dall & Jane Hall
Assemble (UK)
Assemble are a London based collective of practitioners in the field of art, architecture and design. Their work is aimed at closing the gap between citizens and the way the built landscape is produced. In their work, they make space for everyday human needs in the city by finding new uses for seemingly mundane spaces. A recurring theme is places for children to play on their own terms and engage with their surroundings, as seen in the project Spirit of Play presented at the Venice Biennale 2016. Read more about Assemble

Timothy Morton
Rice University (US)
Timothy Morton is Professor at Rice University and has been listed one of the 50 most influential living philosophers. He wants humanity to give up some of its core beliefs, like the fantasy that we can control the planet or the notion that we are above other beings. His collaborations, or philosophical mentorship with famous artists such as Björk and Olafur Eliasson, together with his conceptual vocabulary – ”dark ecology”, ”the strange stranger”, ”the mesh” – has made his thoughts widely spread outside the academic world. He is the author of a number of books and essays on philosophy, ecology, literature, music, art, architecture and design, including ‘The Ecological Thought ‘and ‘Ecology without Nature’. Read more about Timothy Morton

Moderator: Pernilla Glaser.

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Oyster är en grupp landskapsarkitekter och stadsplanerare inom Sveriges Arkitekter, som vartannat år håller ett seminarium om landskapsarkitektur och stadsplanering. Oysterseminariet är det enda i Sverige som inom ett visst tema behandlar landskapsarkitekturen och stadsplaneringen i ett internationellt sammanhang.