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Sveriges Arkitekter


Pernilla Glaser
Pernilla Glaser is a writer, method-developer and teacher. Her background is as a theatre-director. She has worked a lot with participation, place and urban sustainability and has been a recurring guest-teacher at The Institution of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Art. She is currently teaching storytelling at the University Collage of Arts, Craft and Design Interior Architects. During 2014 she has developed The intersection, a space and toolbox for innovation and collaboration for Luleå University of Technology and two projects for the Swedish county government; toolbox for spatial exploration and toolbox for an inclusive cultural heritage.
Pernilla Glaser is also the initiator of Academy of Risk, a network that works with prototyping risk-taking in academia.
She is an experienced moderator, frequently working with universities and government agencies hosting seminars and various events.


Julie Bargmann
Julie Bargmann is a North America based landscape architect renowned for her work with post-industrial landscapes, brownfield sites and community based projects. She is the founder and principal designer of D.I.R.T. (Dump It Right Here) Studio, a critical design practice driven by a love for the landscape, fascination with site histories, concern for marginalized communities and an obsession with urban regeneration. In addition she is Associate Professor at the University of Virginia, as well as the author of ‘Toxic Beauty – A field guide to derelict terrain’. She earned her Master’s in landscape architecture at the Harvard School of Design and lectures regularly at universities, conferences and cultural institutions ranging from the Museum of Modern Art to National Brownfields Meetings.

Anuradha Mathur
Anuradha Mathur, an architect and landscape architect, is Professor at the Landscape Architecture Department of Pennsylvania School of Design. In collaboration with her partner, Dilip da Cunha, she has focused her artistic and design expertise on cultural and ecological issues of contentious landscapes. Their investigations have taken them to diverse terrains, including the Lower Mississippi, New York, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jerusalem, Varanasi, the Himalayas, and most recently the Sundarbans. An underlying thread in Mathur’s work is a concern for how water is visualized and engaged in ways that lead to conditions of its excess and scarcity, but also the opportunities that its fluidity offers for new visualizations of terrain, design imagination, and design practice.

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander and Susan Herrington
Cornelia Hahn Oberlander is one of the most important landscape architects of the twentieth century and is recognized as a national treasure in Canada where she lives. For six decades she has practiced socially responsible and ecologically sensitive planning for public landscapes, including the 1970s design of the Robson square landscape and Provincial Law Courts in Vancouver. Her work has been instrumental in the development of the late-twentieth-century design ethic, and her early years working with architectural luminaries such as Louis Kahn and Arthur Erickson prepared her to bring a truly modern sensibility to the landscape design tradition. Oberlander will lecture with Susan Herrington, author and Professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, who recently wrote the biography ”Cornelia Hahn Oberlander: making the modern landscape”. In this thorough biography Herrington draws much-deserved attention to one of the truly important figures in landscape architecture by placing Oberlander within a larger social and aesthetic context, chronicling both her personal and professional trajectory.

Eric-Jan Pleijster
Eric-Jan Pleijster is senior Landscape Architect and partner at LOLA Landscape Architects, which he founded together with Peter Veenstra and Cees van der Veeken in 2006. LOLA researches and designs the never ending development of the landscape, city as well as countryside, with the mission to recognize new design challenges at an early stage and to propose creative solutions. Every project is approached as an unique part of an endless landscape, and characteristic for LOLA’s work is the fusion of urban and natural landscapes and the integration of innovative spatial phenomena. Pleijster is active as a guest speaker and visiting professor at workshops and design studios. Together with LOLA he has published the bestseller ‘Dutch Dikes’ and the award-winning monograph ‘Lost Landscapes’.

Jonas Dahlberg
Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg’s works intertwine dreamscapes and reality, inviting viewers to create their own internal imagery through associations and memories. Dahlberg explores physical spaces through video, installation, and architecture projects. In 2014, his proposal for the creation of a memorial commemorating the victims of the July 22, 2011, terrorist attack in Oslo was unanimously approved by a committee established by the Norwegian government. For Memory Wound, a tribute to the 77 victims, an 11-foot-wide piece of land will be removed from a woodland landscape, metaphorically representing the trauma of the attack as well as the permanence of the loss of lives. Dahlberg’s work has been exhibited worldwide at Manifesta 4 (2002), the Venice Biennial (2003), the São Paulo Biennial (2004), and more.