Open Call for an Exhibition in Malmö - Sveriges Arkitekter

Grafik: Andréasson & Leibel

Information in Swedish

Architects Sweden at Form/Design Center in Malmö seek architectural teams to participate in an exhibition showcasing regionally innovative architecture in South Sweden.

The aim of the exhibition Define/Refine is to foster a discussion on the role architecture plays in shaping a region’s identity. What is the nature of an architecture that emerges from its local, natural and cultural context? How can it be rooted yet varied and inquiring, respect history and context while serving as the starting point for innovation, and in its design be an expression of its time?

The exhibition Define/Refine – South Sweden Critical Regionalism in a Globalised World will be presented at Form/Design Center in August-September 2020. It takes its starting point in the concept of Critical Regionalism in order to discuss local architecture in a global world.


Send your application as an A4 PDF (max 15 MB) to by 15 January 2020.

Final date for application: 15 January 2020
Initial meeting for selected teams: 29 January 2020
Organiser: Architects Sweden at Form/Design Center
Contact/Curator: Gunilla Kronvall, Architect RIBA II SAR/MSA.

Programme in English