Summary of Architects Sweden’s work for Ukraine

Architects Sweden raised our voice against Putin’s war at manifestations on Wednesdays at 12.30 in front of the Russian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden during the first months of the invasion. On Wednesday April 6 our President Emina Kovacic contributed with a speech against the war.

Emina Kovacic expressed that the community of architects in Sweden is deeply concerned about the destruction of the cities of Ukraine and the targeting of cultural heritage sites and civilian buildings.

In response to President Zelenskyj’s call for support from Sweden and particularly architects in Sweden on March 25 she addresses the trust embodied in architecture and the need to build hope for the future by planning for a reconstruction.

The National Board of Antiquities is organizing rescue operations of archives in Ukraine and are open to include architecture drawing archives with the Swedish architecture and design archive ArkDes – Sweden’s National Centre for Architecture and Design.

Through the international aid organization Union-to-Union Architects Sweden has a potential presence in Ukraine to support the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.

Among the refugees from Ukraine there are architects that we welcome to sign for invitations to activities to promote networking with swedish professionals and link to the list.

Swedish Architects offer a temporary membership for qualified architects from Ukraine on a tentative assessment of diplomas and is engaging in practical worklife introduction programs for architects with a foreign education.