Open Call for the participants from EU

Open Call for the participants from EU for ‘CPD:Ukraine’ program Ureherit project – Founded by the Creative Europe.

Open call: April 8st
Deadline: April 30

Why should participants from the EU contribute to the CPD?

Open call for European experts in sustainable urban regeneration with a focus on heritage cities.

With support from the European Union, Architects Sweden and 10 European partners within the EU, as part of the Ureherit project, have mobilized 12 teams carrying out pilot projects in Ukraine. These teams are now seeking partners and experts from the EU.

Twelve teams from Ukraine are participating in the CPD: Ukraine program, each bringing along a pilot project. We are now launching an Open Call for partners and experts from the EU to join the CPD program. Architects, planning consultancies, or public administrations willing to partner with CPD teams to develop projects together and apply for funding are encouraged to apply. Alternatively, if you possess special expertise relevant to the Ureherit project and program, you can participate as an expert for knowledge exchange.

Criteria and Procedure for Partners

  • Representatives from organizations capable of collaborating with a CPD team of their choice for the duration of the one-year program.
  • Invitation to present your collaboration offer in a short pitch format on May 15th in Stockholm during a matchmaking session, where all teams will present their pilots.
  • Join the following sessions of CPD Ukraine if you have successful matchmaking results.

Criteria and Procedure for Experts

  • Individuals with well-documented experience in some aspect of the CPD’s topic.
  • Invitation to give a lecture on their expertise.
  • Advice on the selection of projects relevant to their expertise.

What to submit for the open call

  • Short CV and a statement of interest. Partners should also submit a description of their organization.

Volunteer commitment

  • Travel compensation for selected experts.

Participants will be selected by the CPD advisory board based on their applications.

CPD – Ukraine Schedule

The CPD: Ukraine program consists of six modules spread across three days each over the course of one year, commencing in May in Stockholm. These modules include study days, seminar days, and workshop days, with three events scheduled in Ukraine and three in Europe.

What is CPD: Ukraine?

CPD Ukraine program is a continuous professional development program for architects and planners in Ukraine, focusing on participatory and sustainable development with a heritage focus. It also serves as an educational platform for practical knowledge exchange between professionals from Ukraine and the EU, with a focus on developing pilot projects in dialogue with participants.