Swedish Practice intro (Stockholm) - Sveriges ArkitekterSveriges Arkitekter
Sveriges Arkitekter


2019.03.05 - 2019.05.28


14 900 kr (exkl. moms)

Architects Sweden offers an intensive course outlining Swedish practice. The course will be held in English and offered on-demand to companies that need help with introducing Swedish architectural regulations, working culture and business standards to their employees. We help employees not yet fluent in Swedish to understand practices and the basic responsibilities of an architect in Sweden. The aim is to make working effectively and learning the relevant vocabulary simpler.

The course is a shorter version of our popular program Steg1, but with a stronger focus on introducing Swedish concepts and explaining them in English. The general experience from Steg1is that it is helpful to professional architects to have accurate and current knowledge about laws and regulations and how requirements affecting procedure and quality-aspects of the work are negotiated.
The program and the course are both based on a multi-stakeholder perspective.

The course is offered open, provided there are a required minimum of 10 participants, or closed whereby one company or group of companies pay a fixed price regardless of the number of participants. The course is also available on demand for companies, with a required minimum of 10 participants.

Latest application: 1 month in advance. If not at least 10 people have subscribed the course it will be postponed until we have 10 participants. If one company want to order on demand we need 3 months preparation time.

Time: 4 days including a web test of terminology over 2 months.

5/3 – Swedish culture and professional terminology
1/4 – Terminology test
14/5  – The regulations
28/5 – The business


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