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Stockholms Arkitektförening

Bungenäs – a story of a misused landscape

When the military forces abandoned their exercise ground on the Bungenäs Peninsula, they left behind bunkers filled with concrete-waste and gravel, doors that were welded shut and entrances blocked by boulders. The fence around the area was closed.
In 2010 Skälsö Arkitekter started the work of opening the area to the public. Initially it seemed hard to humanize the oppressive presence of wartime symbols and transform them into places to live in. Our work reflects our confidence in the transformative powers of architecture. The spaces are made free through the process of excavation, opening up the solid worlds of the bunkers to the horizon, to the sky, to the air and to the light. In engaging with the landscape and the existing structures, we are not trying to scrub away the grittiness; instead this is the reality and a quality on which we base our work.

The lecture is organised by Stockholms Arkitektförening trough Jesús Azpeitia and Jakob Wiklander.
Drinks and snacks are served from 17:30. Lecture starts at 18:00. As usual, the event is free of charge, and there is no advance booking of seats.  Welcome!

Date: 22 November kl 17.30. Lecture starts at 18.00.
Place: Konstakademien, Fredsgatan 12. Stockholm