The City as a resource

Lecture by Birk Folke Daugaard, Cobe. Stockholms Arkitektförening.

Birk Folke Daugaard is an architect and one of Cobe’s five Creative Leads and has in this capacity a leading role in creative and conceptual developments at Cobe. Having been an essential part of some of Cobe’s most high-profiled award-winning projects.

Extraordinary everyday life

Cobe creates architecture that shapes the future. We strive to create a framework for an extraordinary everyday life. At Cobe, we create architecture that improves lives. Through architecture, we ensure that every existing city, building or urban space we transform becomes a better place than before.

Cobe from Copenhagen

We believe that the most sustainable solution is to realize something that is both durable, robust, and beautiful. We transform cities, buildings, and urban spaces into sustainable, performative, and healthy environments.

From Cobe’s office, in a transformed warehouse in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn, we work on projects all over the world. Nordhavn is an area with a large collection of Cobe’s realized projects. Nordhavn acts as a 1:1 laboratory for our work at all scales.

The event is free of charge and no in advance booking is required.

The event is organized by Stockholms Arkitektförening throug Mårten Leringe och Anders Kling

Date: 30/5
Time: Mingle from17.30, the lecture starts at 18.00.
Place: Konstakademien, Fredsgatan 12


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