Boldness and beuaty

Welcome to the international Landscape Architecture Congress Boldness & Beauty.

In addition, here you can register for PRE-program held on Thursday 13th of October!

PRE-program contains a trip to Vantaa and to different landscape architecture projects in the area. In the evening there will be a possibility to go to sauna and swim in lake Kuusijärvi.

The Finnish Association of Landscape Architects is organizing the international Landscape Architecture Congress “Boldness & Beauty” on Friday October 14th 2022 together with Aalto University’s Landscape Architecture programme!

The theme of the congress is Boldness and Beauty and the seminars will address the starting points of design today and the responsibilities, and the role of professionals in a world full of change and crisis.

More information about the event will be released throughout the summer and fall as the event approaches!

There will be a photographer in the events. Images can be published for event-related communication.

If you wish to participate only to the PRE-program on Thursday, 13 October 2022, please register here

The MARK Congress on Friday, 14 October 2022 at IFLA EUROPE preferential rate.

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