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24 Maj 2017

Working as architect in Sweden – an introduction for newly arrived architects

Architects Sweden offers four intensive courses for recently arrived architects. The aim is to help you to quickly understand how the profession of architect works in Sweden. The courses are primarily aimed at employees of architecture firms or municipalities, but those seeking employment are also welcome.

The introduction is divided into four optional blocks, together with a mandatory professional terminology test. The level of the blocks will be adapted to the participants’ knowledge on the basis of the terminology test. You can choose whether to undertake all blocks or only individual ones. First part of the course takes place in August, don’t forget to sign up! Sign up for Block 1

We also have an separate test of professional swedish terminology that you can choose to take part of – find out just how good you are at different terms and expressions regarding the world of architecture! Sign up here for the test Have you already signed up for Block 1? Then the professional terminology-test is free of charge and you sign up on the day of the test.