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Sveriges Arkitekter

Sveriges Arkitekter Skånes medlemmar kallas till årsmöte 16 februari, 17:30 på Form/Design Center i Malmö. Vi väljer då ny styrelse, för perioden 2017-2018. Efter årsmötet blir det ABAR med Lasse Lind från GXN!

3XN architects was established in 1986, and is today one of the leading architecture studios in Scandinavia, working with a wide range of projects across the globe.
In 2007 3XN established GXN; an in-house Innovation Unit working with digital tools, new materials and green technologies in order to ensure the studio’s leading position within building sector innovation.

The ‘G’ stands for Green, highlighting GXN’s dedication to ecological design research through digital processes and innovative material solutions. The core goal is to develop a building culture that positively affects the world in which we, live both architecturally and environmentally.

Lasse Lind, architect and head of GXN consulting, will tell about the studios work in the Crossfield between research and building practice, and how the office is striving to implement a circular economy in the build environment.

Välkomna till Årsmöte och ABAR på Form/Design Center, Malmö, torsdag 16:e februari, 18.00! Dryck och lättare förtäring serveras från 17.30. Bjud in era kollegor, vänner, studiekamrater. Evenemanget är gratis och ingen föranmälan krävs.