Block 4: Culture and employment law (7 November) - Sveriges ArkitekterSveriges Arkitekter
Sveriges Arkitekter


kl. 13.00 - 17.00


SEK 4 900 (exc. VAT) per participant

You will hear a personal story intended to make you consider both your own attitudes and how the individual’s life is affected by cultural experiences. The block includes concrete advice and tools to help you encounter and relate to what you see and experience on a daily basis. It also gives you a basic description of how the Swedish employment market works.

13.00 Integration in practice. Speaker: Sahar Almashta. Sahar is the CEO of SA Knowledge Exchange AB. Learn more about Sahar through listening to her pod, the latest episode is about Sweden and the Sweden that deviates from that. Or take a look at one of her lectures here:

15.00 Coffee break
15.15 Employment law and human rights. Speaker: Tomas Sandström
17.00 Close